4 // Goals

How do you want to feel?: Peaceful

Your Top 10: 1) Pay off all debt and if the need arises to accrue more, pay it off within a year. (I'm at about...10K immediate debt)
2) Healthier Body. Mainly attached to yoga, stretching, being present and taking care of the body I have today.
3) Webpage as an HQ for future work
4) Expand my education region by personally inviting all salons in Mid America to bring me in
5) Expand the classes I am certified for within the Aveda network
6) Be recognized by Aveda and/or backed by them as a part of the 'new designers'
7) Create, promote, and teach Custom Grey Coverage education
8) Become a six figure stylist at Nurtur
9) Be open to the idea that I may wind up leaving Nurtur
10) b?

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