#2 // Your Opponent Answers

Fear: Fear of not earning enough money or too much debt typically leads me to lashing out at the family or bearing the burden in silence, leading to depression. I would say that I am afraid of leaving Nurtur for fear of not earning enough money but I don't believe that is fear; I believe I have experience in changing salons and I am pragmatic about it. I am also very familiar with the salon world in my city and its not fear that keeps me anywhere; it is knowing that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Doubt: Not sure. Is anxiety a sign of doubt? I would say maybe in my more tempestuous years I would react immediately and then doubt I had the right reaction, which caused me to argue a lot.

Guilt: I have tasks I know I should be completing vis a vis the blog, personal writing, enhancing and marketing my education career and I don't set aside specific times to do that. Then I have guilt. Especially since I acknowledge that no one is going to write the Labyrinth prequel for me. Also feeling like I can be a better mom.

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