DEstroy the hairdresser

The Story

Who is dth?

DTH is the brainchild of co-creators Cyd Charisse and Caeleb Bosscher. Both Charisse and Bosscher have come from unique backgrounds. Their invaluable knowledge and expertise have been the cornerstone of building the DTH coaching curriculum. DTH was born in 2012 as a blog for salon professionals looking for practical business advice. In 2013 Charisse and Bosscher had received many emails from professionals seeking help with their business which prompted them to begin consulting. In 2014 they solidified their curriculum and began a stronger conscious coaching approach. For the past three years their fan base has grown due to their unapologetic blog, podcast, and program. 

Who is Cyd charisse?

Cyd coming from a strong Aveda background spent her early years working behind the chair and managing salons in the Tampa Bay area. She furthered her career in education, teaching and leading the Master Program at the Aveda Institutes. Cyd's teaching techniques brought her students to lasting success which put her in a Regional Educator role where she traveled around the Southern regions of the Unite States teaching coaches how to manage their staff and educate their students. She has since then moved to New York City to coach for DTH full time while also building her career behind the chair and in editorial styling. 

Whos is caeleb bosscher?

Caeleb received his license at an early age which has allowed him to work in all aspects of salon life. Starting out as an assistant, quickly becoming a stylist, manager, consultant, and educator. He has won national awards for his ability to flip salons from failing to thriving in less than nine months. Caeleb grew up studying and practicing Kabbalah which has influenced his coaching approach and brought success to all of his students. He currently resides in New York City where he works as a coach full time for DTH and maintains a strong editorial career. 

Why the name 'destroy the hairdresser'?

The meaning behind the name DTH is quite simple. Caeleb and Cyd are out to destroy the limitations that exist within all hairdressers. Salon owners, salon professionals, and freelancers now have a place to go in order to stay not only motivated but also elevated. 

What is the mission?

We only have one agenda. To help those in the hair industry build, run, and maintain their business in a more conscious way.

How do I get started?

We're glad you asked! Simply request a complimentary conversation with one of our trained coaches below. They will be able to explain all available options and set you up with the best solution for your needs.