Assignment # 5




1. Create The Conversation

Lets talk cancelation policy. I don't want what happened last week to happen again. Create the conversation now to avoid issues later. Just inform front desk how you want it handled in the future. 

2. Put Yourself First

Remeber to say no. When you are off you are off. Its overwhelming and annoying to be answering emails and text all day. So commit to one. Either email or text. If email maybe consider creating a seperate email just for that. If Text, create a google number. Check this once a day. The reality is your clients could call and make an appointment but because you have created an environment where they dont have to. So now its time to take back control. Let every guest know going forward if they need to contact you they can reach you via which ever method you choose. 

Stand your ground though when you have the client that wants to get in last minute,didnt call the salon and you didnt see the text. Hopefully the change will encourage prebooking as well as calling the front desk. 

3. Do The Research  

Do your research on other color lines. Find out which will be more cost effective for you. Maybe introduce new lines slowly to experience them. or just bring back the stuff you love instead of replacing the whole line. 

4. Pros and Cons

I want you to contact Celeste Adamski on our FB group. Just ask her about her about her experience having her own salon and studio. Weigh out the pros and cons of having your own space. I dont want you to talk to her to change your mind or push you one way or another. Go into the call very open minded. I just want you to know the strengths and struggles of this experience. On our next call we will talk more on how we want to move forward with opening your own space.  


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