Salon Coaching


Ready to take your team to the next level? Consider a salon coaching session with Destroy The Hairdresser!

Salon Coaching

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Full day with the co-founders

Invite Caeleb Bosscher and Cyd Charisse to spend a very full 6 hours with you and your team! Caeleb specializes in coaching leadership while Cyd specializes in coaching the talent. Learn to elevate instead of motivate, while getting the coaching directly from the source.

Breakout sessions

Destroy The Hairdresser Salon Coaching was created with the entire staff in mind. Leadership and stylist breakouts allow for more direct and personalized coaching. Owners, managers, and support staff will learn modern and radical leadership skills with Caeleb Bosscher. Stylists will work with Cyd Charisse on how to grow their behind the chair business in ways they never thought possible. 

1 day course curriculum
(6 hours)

Salon Sessions (Entire Team)

  • How Do You Want To Feel?
    • Discover the difference between motivation and elevation
  • Empathetic Goal Setting
    • Learn the most powerful way to set goals you will truly achieve
  • Healthy Wealth
    • Understand your beliefs around money, how they are holding you back, and how to change them!

Breakout Sessions (Stylists)

  • Millennial Branding
    • Learn the idea of business within business, branding within branding
  • Social Media Detox
    • Gain tips, tricks, and tools that will keep you in the ever growing social media game!

Breakout Sessions (Leadership)

  • Millennial Leadership
    • Learn a new tool that will take your one-on-ones to a more productive level
  • 30 Day Hustle
    • Discover radical ways to assist your team in building, maintaining, and utilizing a strong book!

Free mobile coaching sessions 

Everyone on the team will have a chance to schedule one free coaching session with their very own coach! Destroy The Hairdresser truly believes that by coaching the individual, the group benefits. Discover more about mobile coaching by clicking here!

Private leadership dinner 

Leadership will have a chance to join Caeleb Bosscher and Cyd Charisse for a private dinner. This time will be focused on helping leadership achieve and maintain the coaching results they are looking for.

Certificate of completion

Everyone who attends the full day of coaching will receive a certificate of completion. Let the world know you're a consciously business driven artist!