Kate Edna Lead Blogger

Kate Edna
Lead Blogger

Remember MySpace?  That's probably why the photo has that elevated angle.  It's also ten years out of date but damn it's a good photo.  Kate has done hair for fantasy conventions, David Bowie's producer (that one time we crashed the studio, watched Little Britain, bothered Philip Glass and ate Chinese food) and NBC/FOX news anchors in the central Ohio region.  She wrote a romance novel when she was 14 and remembers when a 56K modem was a good reason to date someone.  

Kate is also a Certified Color Educator for Aveda Mid-America, an Aveda Mentor, minds the blog for Destroy the Hairdresser, gave birth, and works full time behind the chair at Nurtur Salon in Columbus, Ohio.  She is an active contributor for DtH and other industry sites such as Red Chocolate and Hairbrained.  She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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