5 // Goals


How do you want to feel?: fulfilled


Your Top 10: these are not in any order:
become a mom
become a foster mom
buy a house somewhere
take care of my mind and body
become an educator for something I have passion for
leave the area I work in in the next few years
work in Manhattan or Brooklyn
own my own salon
learn to meditate

meal prep and better prepare myself for my day behind the chair




1. What steps are we going to take to complete these goals?  What seeds can we plant to make these goals grow?  what are you willing to do to make these goals come true. 

2. How can we match what we want in the inside to show on the outside? Take care of ourselves? Put effort into our appearance?  What effort can you put in to become the woman you want to be?

3.  How can we have more self worth? The start is to raise your prices and charge what you are worth 

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