4 // How do you want to feel answers

What are the names of the opponent?: Fear, Doubt and Guilt

What areas of your life is the opponent most present?: ughhhhh everywhere. I feel guilt in every part of my life but I'm focused on changing my language and to stop apologizing for my very existence. I'm fearful of working this program and actually changing but this also makes me feel excited at the possibility of having the life I want at the same time. I also am slightly fearful of raising my prices but I know I need to do it and I also know that I need to bc its important for me to do it in a confident way. I say slightly fearful bc I'm also excited to do it and see where it takes me. Doubt is my "in my head voice" at work, I find lately I have to talk myself out of it a lot.I don't know how it starts bc I know I know what I'm doing. It happened to me on Saturday, I just started over thinking what I was doing for some reason and it took me until I was finished the styling and my client being obsessed with it for me to feel ok with it. Im working on ittttttt

How do you NOT want to feel?: insecure, unsucsessful, guilty, stuck, unsatisfied. I don't want to feel like a doormat.

How do you want to feel?:Fulfilled

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