Getting Organized

Organization! Everyone wants it, everyone hates doing it. It's an overwhelming word to some and to others its heaven on earth, (mainly for the Virgos). No matter how you look at organization we must admit something powerful. Organization is the key to success. However, organization is translated in many different ways. There are those that have messy desks but yet feel it is organized, they know where everything is and feel safe in that environment. There are those who are minimalists, they throw things away that are taking up too much space in order to have less clutter. There are those that see things out of place and must put them back in their rightful place before moving on. No matter how you go about organizing is not the point, the fact that we must do it every day is the point! 

There is a law in coaching that we like to bring up quite often,

"How you do one thing is how you do all things." 

Most of us that are organized will feel organized in most areas of our lives, and those that are not will feel that lack in most areas of their lives. There is more to this saying than meets the eye. This also means that if I start to make changes in one are of my life then changes will start to be made in all areas of my life! That is incredible if you think about it. So here is what we are going to do! We want you to pick one area of your home that is the easiest to organize this week. It can be your office, desk, kitchen, refrigerator, attic, living room, bedroom, etc. Pick just one and spend as much time as you can organizing it. This can also mean redecorating, throwing items away, making new spaces for specific things. Whatever it means to you - organize the hell out of it. We are planting a seed to make organizational change in one area so it will create change in your professional life.

This is one of our favorite selfwork exercises and we hope you enjoy it as well!

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