Congratulations! We have to take a minute and recognize what we have already accomplished together. We have discovered the opponent and their names and pinpointed where the opponent works in our lives. We have also spent this time understanding concept of our upgrading process. 

Now that we have done all of this successfully it's time to start talking about goals! Most programs start you off with this exercise but we are a bit different in our approach to coaching. We believe that the upgraded version of ourselves is much more powerful and therefore we only work with that version, not the former. 

The goals that you had before you started this program should be a bit different now that we have identified the opponent. You should be able to see further in to your future, dream bigger about your career, and create a list of goals that you want to achieve. That's right, goals you want to achieve, not goals you should achieve. You have less than 100 years left on this planet and this program is going to help you make the most out of them!

Let's discuss the ideas of goals. Statistics show that when we write down our goals we are 80 percent more likely to achieve them. 80 percent! That is an incredible increase. Don't believe me? Think of a time you forgot to write something down such as "drop of dry cleaning" or "pick up carrots from the store", these may seem like to-do items but they are actually small goals. When we don't write them down we usually forget or remember last minute. This is what happens to our larger goals, we usually forget or remember last minute. Not anymore! Together we will not only identify your goals, we will achieve them. 

Before you get started it is extremely important to understand that your goals can, will, and should change. Be gentle on yourself when completing these assignments but remember to go big or go home. The countdown to a more fulfilling career starts now!

Below you will see something called "Your Top 10", this is where you should think consciously about your top ten goals for your career. Do not worry about how big they are, how far off they feel, or what others may think. Remember to be gentle on yourself and let yourself go big, or go home.


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