How do you want to feel?

Welcome back! Now that we have discovered who our opponents are and how to upgrade to the latest version of ourselves we can now start to see a bit clearer. It's important to be aware that the opponent will be fighting against you at all costs. This is not because the opponent is bad it is because it is necessary. It is also important to know that this was happening before you knew about it and will be happening if you ever forget about it. This program will help train your awareness to focus on the opponent so you can push against it and win your way into success. 

Most coaching programs drive you toward things that you want to achieve. Many of you started this program in order to win your way into success, make more money, attract more clients, grow your business, etc. No matter what your reason for joining this program we want to shift your focus. The reality is that you were looking for something to fulfill you. Most of assume that means money, business growth, or a brand new car. This is the opponent at work again. Fear, Doubt, and Guilt are working hard to keep you focused on the wrong things. 

At Destroy The Hairdresser, your coach and support team will keep you focused on what you really want out of this life and your career. 

Do you know what it is that you really want..?

It's simply a feeling. 

All of us are after a feeling. Some of us want to feel powerful, satiated, successful, strong, confident, light, intuitive, connected, sexy, awake, collected, organized, etc.

It does not matter what the feeling is, it only matters that you discover and clarify it. There are approximately 171,476 words in the English language alone. Why am I pointing this out? Because with that many words there is definitely one that perfectly describes the way you want to feel. Use to find just the right word. Why use a thesaurus? Most of us want to feel "happy" but that word describes a very broad feeling. You may find the word "convivial" to be a much more suited word for how you want to feel. This word means "friendly and agreeable". The idea is that you really dive into new words to find how you want to feel. Knowledge is power, educate yourself on how you truly want to feel. 

During these two weeks you will look for a word that truly describes how you want to feel in your life and your career. They should not be different words. You will narrow it down to one word. This will be the destination that your coach will put into our proverbial GPS system. Once the destination is put in, your coach will help navigate you to your destination through coaching and exercises. The destination is important and this exercise should be a bit difficult. Why should it be difficult? 

I will give you three guesses...

you got it!

Fear, Doubt, and Guilt!

The opponent is ready to provide distractions and road blocks so that you and your coach have a difficult time getting to your destination. It's ok, we got you! We know how the opponent works and we are ready to help you over it all! Below are the exercises for this week. Take your time, be gentle and pour your heart out. 

Sometimes listing some ways that you do not want to feel will help you understand and discover how you do want to feel.
Remember to pick only one word. Use in order to discover more words that describe your desired feeling better. This will be the destination for this program.
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