Who you are truly up against

In this 6 month course you will complete 12 phone calls, 12 assignments, and over 100+ hours of continuing education. Why are we pointing this out? Because you are a boss and you are about to enhance not only your career but also your life. Through these carefully curated exercises you will develop a side of you that, until today, has been waiting to be animated. We are happy and excited to give you all of the knowledge we have accumulated over a collective 20+ years! 

Before we start with this weeks exercises, we would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to how this program works. Throughout our career path we have, and will continue to, encounter challenges and struggles. This is a normal part of the process but, here at Destroy The Hairdresser, we do not believe in suffering. Pain may be a necessary evil but suffering is not! For example, think about what it means to go to a gym. You lift weights in order to become stronger, you run in order to gain endurance. Working out can be a little bit painful and exhausting in the moment but the payoff is better health and a sexier appearance, in the end. See? Pain is good for you! However if you go to the gym and you push yourself to the point of suffering through the process or even harming yourself from overexertion then you have missed the point. Pain is necessary in our growth, suffering is not. Though at times this program will be a bit painful your coach and the entire team will ensure there is never any suffering.

Painful moments in this program are signs of true growth, start to look forward to them!

You may be asking yourself, "how much pain are we talking about here?". That's a great question and we are glad you asked. At this point we would like to introduce you to a very special mechanism that has lived with you for life, your opponent. That's right! You have an opponent that will be working against you in this program. Some call it the ego, but here we will be referencing this force as the opponent.

This mechanism has been fighting against you your whole life. Whether it has been in your career or your personal life. Fear, Doubt, and Guilt are always present ready to bring on the pain and suffering. But it is important to know that these three opponents are actually very necessary to our growth in life, especially as professionals. They push us out of our comfort zone and force us to move and act! However, the opponents win when you allow them to take over, this is when you experience suffering. What do we mean?

For example, for those of us who want to open a salon will experience Fear, Doubt, and Guilt. These pesky opponents will attempt to keep you from moving forward with your goals and dreams of being a business owner. When we listen to them, and believe them, we start to suffer. Not only do we suffer but usually those around us suffer as well. This is a great example of when our opponent wins against us. 

In this program you will learn tools that will help you overcome your opponents. Tools that will allow you to push against Fear, Doubt, and Guilt in order to become stronger and more powerful as a professional. This program is specifically designed in order to compete with your opponents. With every call, text, email, and assignment you will get closer and closer to true freedom and control! Did you feel that? Your support system just grew with Destroy The Hairdresser.

Now that you know who you are up against we are more than happy to introduce you to your new support team!

Our program is designed to support salon owners, hairdressers, and freelancers on all levels. If you are reading this then you have already been assigned your DTH Coach! This will be your biggest weapon against your opponents. You have access to your coach via phone, text, and email. You also will start receiving daily text messages from our team that will help you maintain your consciousness in between your coaching sessions. You also have access to our Elite Forum. This is where you and your peers will be able to share ideas, offer support, and get to know each other. This group of conscious hairdressers will grow your network and help you through rough times in this program. 

All this talk about the opponent has brought us to your first exercise. Below you will see three categories labeled Fear, Doubt, and Guilt. This exercise is all about getting clear with yourself about your opponents and where they live. Take your time, pour yourself into the answers. We recommend spending about 20 minutes on each category. Do not rush through this exercise. Once you are finished you can simply submit the assignment at the bottom of the page. Your coach will review the answers and decided whether the exercise is complete or needs revision. All work is private and only your coach will see what you submit.


Where in your life, personally and professionally, has Fear started to cause suffering?
Where in your life, personally and professionally, has Doubt started to cause suffering?
Where in your life, personally and professionally, has Guilt started to cause suffering?
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