6 // Goals Answers


How do you want to feel?: I want to feel Accomplished-I have so many days that I run run run but feel so unaccomplished. I want to feel proud of my time spent doing things instead of guilty about how I spend it. I want to feel organized and prepared for all aspects of my life. I want to feel safe and secure about my present and my future. I want to feel free of burdens and restraints. I want to feel open as fuck to change and growth. I want to feel compassion toward people and the earth. I want to give so much more of my time, my resources and myself to growing God's kingdom and growing people and saving our planet. I want to feel balanced.


Your Top 10: 1. Get Meghan and Allison completely trained and able to run the Hudson location/ contracts
2. Complete and solidify training program--digitize it to sell on social media
3.create personal brand for education
4.Set up solid retirement plan/Pay off debt
5. Get barbershop organized and nick in position
6. Have a YouTube channel
7. Write my book
8. Set up blog
9. Create solid marketing/growth plan/systems for salons
10. Fill all chairs at both locations

Personal goal--take time off




1. Make girls complete list I gave you. This is your chance to keep them accountable. 

2. Email Lanza your dates, and pay raise. 

3.  Schedule time in your day to day or week to work on your training program. The best way to do this is to create an outline or index of the whole curriculum and work on each module until it is completed. 

4. Tie up your loose ends with the barbershop

5. Meet with your financial advisor and kick your retirement plan into action. 

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