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Fear: I carry almost no fear when I comes to opening businesses are growing things. I'm not afraid of her asks. However I have a loan in fear of what other people think or fear of hurting others hold me back from doing or saying things. I don't have a problem delegating I even coaching other people but I do have your around things like illuminating my travel because I'm afraid I won't be a boss anymore... it's so weird because I really don't consider myself a fearful person. I'm not really afraid to try new things, I'm not afraid to traveling alone, and generally don't care what people think about me and regards to how I live my life but when I really think about it I think I do. I'm absolutely not afraid to be alone but I will say I do have your around feeling held hostage.

Doubt: I'm not 100% sure I answered us… I carried some down about my skills that sometimes and whether or not I'm good enough. My love language is not words of operation but I know that self-doubt leaves when I'm encouraged I'm qualified. I think I may need a little help and understanding what down is I'm not sure I know how it really has affected me

Guilt: I carry a tremendous amount of guilt surrounding my hopes and dreams and how moving forward with them affects my children, my marriage and my family. I've carried so much guilt for so many years surrounding around my i'm completing things within my business. I mean, I say and promised things with amazing intentions and I don't keep them and I hate that about myself. I carry so much guilt that I'm not naturally organized or that my brain gets distracted and I allow myself to start something else without following through with my promise. This is in all areas of my life

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