Leadership Styles

Complete the (self)Work before your next coaching session

In the last two weeks you were asked to complete the following:
Create a list of where you struggle as a leader using specific examples Complete the leadership activity below
Below are the top 10 leadership styles. Order them from 1 - 10, 10 being the leadership style you believe you have the most and 1 being the leadership style that you believe you have the least. We will go over the results in our next call.
Efficient, never asks for help, clear direction
By the book, rules oriented
Inspire enthusiasm, believes in energy
Listens to new ideas, final decision makers
“Leave it be”, freedom, offers resources
Focused on support, equality, development
Lead by example, takes care of others
“Get the job done”, deadlines, time management
Expects respect, clarity, looks for value
Engages with team, big picture only
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