Assignment #1





1. How do You want to feel?

When we spoke I asked you How do you want to feel? Your assignment was to create a list of 5 feelings. Once you have those down. I want you to live by those feelings. The goal is to start living your day to day with the purpose of feeling those feelings. When you look at your life visualize how you want to feel and what you need to change in your life to feel that way. Remember this is about creating a new operating system so focus on embracing a new you.  Our focus together is going to be breaking you out of the old and comfortable and creating the true new Blair. 

Remember this is to find your inner desire. This will tell us which direction you want to go. 

2. What does your future look like?


I want to know your 5 year plan. Where do you see yourself? Be a little bit of a dreamer in this exercise. 


Map this all out. Email me your answers. 




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