Assignment #13



I am so proud of you. 6 months ago NY was just in your 5 year plan. It wasn't even fully a thought.  You tried to resist but the universe was just not having it. You are meant to be here and you are meant to do extraordinary things.  You are going to have moments of self doubt and fear. This is normal and embrace it. Remember you wanted to feel brave. When those thoughts hit you hard remember you are being tested and push past them. No one will stop you from getting to your destination not even yourself. 




Take a few days off and celebrate. Explore your new city with your family and get inspired again. 

2. Your Opponent 

Fear, doubt and guilt are your opponent. Remember the Hero vs. villain scenario. You can not be successful if you don't have something pushing you. Look at your opponent as something to be very aware of. when it reveals it ugly head by making you feel fear, doubt and guilt be aware and push it away. I want you to complete the Opponent Lesson. 

3. Enhance Your Social Media

- I want you to tell a story. What is your brand? show that to the world. Is it traveling? is it adventures around new york? is it romeo or frank? Find a way to start telling a story in your feed. Be a story teller in your captions

- Bio: again make it inviting. Who are you. what do you do, what is your brand and what do you want people to take away from following you. What are you offering? What are they gaining? 

4. Focus on the bigger picture

We got you to new york now whats next?

- In the next 6 months what do you want to accomplish? 

- In the next 6 months how do you want to feel?

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