Assignment #11


I had you write the obituary because I wanted you to see what you really want out of your career. Add all of the things you said to your mental list. How can you accomplish them? How can you give back the way you want to when you come to nyc?


1. Know what you want when you get here

Stay aware of the bigger picture. I don't want you to get caught up in the chaos. Focus on promoting yourself as well as remember why you came here. I see so many dreams die because they aren't willing to struggle a little bit. Never say no to any work you can get your hands on. 

2. Find ways to market yourself

How will you market yourself once you are there? You need to make effort on a daily basis to promote yourself. Always have you cards now. Start now with connecting with people on Instagram. 

3. Go into work like a New Yorker

For the next couple weeks push yourself out of your comfort zone. Price accurately. How can you increase your prices a bit to make some extra pocket change but also benefit the guest? Practice now for what you will preach when you get here. 

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