Assignment #10


You will be a New Yorker soon! Besides the physical stuff like packing, working and selling your car. We still have more self work to do. 


1. I need you to be more direct

You are coming to a city that will eat you alive. Im not asking you to be an ego filled dick. I want you to learn how to be assertive without being mean. When it comes to your living situation as well as your new salon I want you to speak up. Say what you mean and say what you want all while being the kind Justin you are. Its called balance and bravery. 

2. Start Promoting Yourself in NYC

Use the hashtags. Start connecting to other artist. Make friends. 

3. Organize your content 

Organize your content and all your info that way when its time to build your website we are ready.

5. Remind yourself CONSTANTLY of HOw you want to feel

Do you remember your 5 feelings? Make them again.  Create new ones for your new experience. 

6. Write Your obituary

You heard me. I want you to write me your obituary.

I want you to list who you are?

What people remember for?

Why you are important.?

What have you achieved?

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