Assignment # 9


Your move date is getting closer! I think im more excited than you. I want you to remember a few things during this process. When ever big things happen in our life it means we are growing. Our vessels are growing and in order to do that it has to be a difficult process. Growth doesn't come easy. Your opponent (remember him) is going to show his ugly head. With this process now more than ever you will start to feel your opponent filling you with doubt, fear and guilt. I encourage you to restrict these thoughts and remember the bigger picture. 


1. Create A Bio

Look at your industry leaders. Follow their lead. Find a bio you like, mimic it and create your own 

2. Create A Website

I want you to use to create your website. 

3. Clean up Your Resume

You send me one but I wasn't sure if that was the final draft. Make sure it is very clean. 

4. Collect all your Content in one folder

This way it is easily accessible when needed. 

5. Create Business Cards for Networking

I know you dont have a place to work but this is beneficial for networking you as an artist. Include your name, number, email, and instagram handle. We love using This way everywhere you go that you connect with someone you will have the opportunity to hand over your info quickly. If they want their hair done they will contact you. 


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