Assignment #5


Its 2017 and that means new goals! Lets recap your success with DTH before we jump into our new year. When we first started 3 MONTHS AGO I asked you some questions. Do you remember them? Here is what you said. 

I asked you what are your life goals and dreams?

You said:

  • Working fashion week (every year)
  • Climbing the AVEDA ladder (being a mentor/ teacher)
  • Traveling
  • Working around the world
  • Editorial and fashion magazines are LIFE for me
  • Getting out of my daily routine (salon life)
  • Working with some big names in the AVEDA world
  • Moving to a more centralized city to advance my career



  1. You have driven your Social Media Success:  you have over 1,200 followers, learned how to take great pictures and curate your feed
  2. Rebranding: umm hello #thependulum
  3. Planting seeds for a new career and life: Your own space, your own brand, NYC
  4. You have had fierce conversations with confidence: Talking hard ball With your boss and  knowing your worth with your clientele
  5. You have started the process of becoming organized 
  6. You stood your ground and created personal change and time for yourself
  7. You created inspirational movement by educating yourself and creating content: Photoshoots , behind the chair content, books, alabama fashion week!
  8. You are coming to NYC to work in fashion week as well as create more education for yourself.

For 3 months thats incredible! Pat yourself on the back......ok get over it we have more work to do!!


How To Move Forward In 2017

  1. Block out the negativity: Do not focus on the people who are threatened by your quick growth. Focus on yourself and how you want to feel.
  2. Find models
  3. Create more content
  4. Create more videos for instagram


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