Assignment # 7


You need to start putting things into motion.  Its like you have made the decision to move but then just stopped the momentum and decided to sit and wait for something to happen. You need to push past this. This is your get shit done list and that means you need to GET SHIT DONE.


1. Set A Date!!! A fictional date. Pick a date!! 

2. Start Emailing Salons (Email Not apply), keep your options open really decide who will give you the best creative freedom, pay, growth and education. Make a list of what you get with each salon. Here is some salons I would consider. 

  1. Spoke & Weal

  2. Scott J

  3. Hairstory Studio

  4. Whittmore House

  5. Cutler Salon

  6. Fox and Jane Salon

  7. Parlor

  8. The Drawing Room

  9. Hairroin Salon

  10. IGK

The first two are Aveda Salons the others are the most top rated color salons in NYC. I want to see what you will be emailing before you send them. Please let me proof read. 

3. Start the process of transferring your license to NY.

4. Clean up and ship out: Get smaller furniture. Decide what you can't live with out (sebastian) and what needs to stay behind (Your king size bed) 

5. Keep focusing on your social media and how you will start to promote yourself in a NY kind of way.



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