Assignment #4


When we spoke I asked you How do you want to feel? Your assignment was to create a list of 5 feelings. Once you have those down. I want you to live by those feelings. The goal is to start living your day to day with the purpose of feeling those feelings. When you look at your life visualize how you want to feel and what you need to change in your life to feel that way. Remember this is about creating a new operating system so focus on embracing a new you. 



We need to first organize and prioritize your life. The best way to do this is to plan and write down every single detail. Start at the beginning of every week and write down your priorities. Look at the gaps in your schedule. Utilize them, The trick with being organized is planning every detail. Some examples....

  • Schedule an hour or 2 a week to focus on planning your education schedule. 
  • Schedule time every day or weekly just for social media 
  • Schedule one thing for yourself. This could be an hour of yoga or a designated time to read a book or watch a show. Look at this time to disconnect. 
  • Schedule time to educate yourself. Hello you can't get stuck!

Don't make this complicated. If you only have 30 min to do something then utilize that 30 min. If you have to schedule in 15 min of social media a day or 30min planning sessions then so be it. I suggest setting a timer when the timer goes off move on to the next task on your list.  The goal isn't to finish your task in that time frame. The goal is to allow time to work on it over and over until you finish it. Check out my article for more info. 



You need to look at this next coming year as the planning period for NYC! How can you grow as as stylist. There are so many free classes out there. Broaden your horizon. 

3. Balance that check book

Now is a time to take a hard look at your money. How can we start saving for nyc. when was the last time you wrote down all your bills. Is there stuff we can get rid of or pay off. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our dreams. Start figuring out how you can save for the next year. 


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