Assignment #1


I want to start off with how proud I am of the work you are doing and the dedication to this program as well as your career. I have no doubt if we continue on this path that you will be extremely successful.  You have created a space for not only more money but a new consciousness and way of thinking.



Lets get going! Lesson one is  up and ready for you. Complete the Check In at the end and let me know if you have questions. I am excited to get you started on our new curriculum. Take your time with it, be real with it, and lets get vulnerable so we can get to the next level for real! Do not move forward with the other lessons. We are not ready for them yet, 


What makes you so special? What is setting you apart from every other stylist in your salon? What is setting you apart from every other stylist in Huntsville? Heck! What about NY?

Start Thinking How you can set yourself apart. What are your own personal points of difference? Remember this all goes back to consistency. Are you living your brand every day? You can't take a day off from success. No bad day or emotion is ever worth compromising your brand. Dress to your brand, eat to your brand breath to your brand. 

 "Creating Constant Motion in hair by focusing on the health and integrity and how its manipulated."

3. Social Media Clean up/Break down

We need your Social media to reflect your brand. Go through all your accounts and if you find something that doesn't reflect your brand then get rid of it. I also need you to do a little education on the matter. Read this article

  1. Clean it up
  2. Create a theme
  3. Create content. What is it you want to show. 
  4. Create a posting schedule. I would start off with you at least 3 times a week. 
  5. Use these hashtags I have customized them for you. Please feel free to add more location hashtags. 

#destroythehairdresser #modernsalon #esteticausa #americansalon #beautylaunchpad # #hairbrained #btcpics #behindthechair #hair #salonlife #beauty #hairstyle #editorial #precisioncolor #haircolor #hairtutorials #hairtrends #trendyhair #beautifulhair #art #style #styles  #cute #trends #hairoftheday #hairofinstagram #instahair #photooftheday #inspiration #instagood #avedaartist #huntsvillealabama

4. Dont loose momentum 

Remember We are just adding on to everything we learned. We still haven't met our goals and I want you to be consistent with your verbage behind the chair.


I want you to read a book!!! It's one of my favorite business books called Purple Cow by Seth Godin.


Cyd Charisse