Destroy The Hairdresser

Hey Hairbabes


You have taken the classes from experts, learned how to budget your ass off, and still are not making the money you want or living the life everyones been trying to sell you.
We get it, we lived it, then we fixed it. We have spent the last ten years developing tools to change our own lives and now we want to share them with you.
in our 90 day program you will be unlearning all of the knowledge that is actually holding you back. You will be de-programmed and re-programmed to start leading the life you want to lead and building the career you were always meant to build. 


  1. Discover an untapped 20k that is right in front of your nose
  2. Gain practical steps, day one, to start making more money 
  3. Take control of your future without a 401k or savings account
  4. Learn how to break the 10 belief systems holding you back from success
  5. Uncover, create, and build your brand starting right away!

What to expect


Upon enrollment 

Payments must be processed by March 18th 8pm [eastern] in order to take the course.

First class starts Sunday March 19th at 8pm [eastern.] All you need is an internet connection and a way to take notes.

During The Course

Class is held every Sunday at 8pm [eastern]. If you cannot attend you will be given a time sensitive recording.

You will be assigned a coach that you may contact via email throughout the 90 days. This coach is an extra form of support to help you implement what you learn.

Upon completion

You will receive a certificate of complete for your resume/portfolio/website. Bragging rights will be earned.

You will also receive badges for your website/portfolio/social media. Show it off proudly.


90 day schedule


Phase One

Week 1: You Have 100 Years

Week 2: Who Do You Think You Are?

week 3: What makes you so special?

Week 4: Show Off

Phase Two

Week 1: Prioritize Yourself

Week 2: No More Bitch Fest Meetings

week 3: Educate Yourself

Week 4: Show Me The Money

Phase Three

Week 1: You & Me's

Week 2: Goal Growth

week 3: Hostage Situation

Week 4: Grab The Future By The Balls!



Enrollment information


Tuition: $350

Classroom: online

class size: 30 max