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Why the name Destroy the hairdresser?

We get asked this all of the time. We specifically chose the word destroy because of its radical meaning. To destroy something can be a negative or positive thing.  At Destroy The Hairdresser we are pushing our Destroyer's to:

  • Destroy their negative belief systems

  • Destroy their old habits

  • Destroy their inability to change

  • Destroy bad business

  • Destroy their limitations

  • Destroy _______________

Are you ready to be a Destroyer?

What can I expect from private coaching?

Glad you asked. The idea of coaching can being exciting for one person and terrifying for another. Our program is set up to assess the stylist and discover what they need and what they can handle. 

Coaching at Destroy The Hairdresser is true coaching in every sense of the word. Every good sports team has a coach, someone to support them, train them, push them, and stand next to them during the game while strategizing how to win. Good coaches celebrate when their team is victorious and empathizes when it is not. But at the end of every victory or loss, a good coach begins to support, train, and push all over again.

A private coach at Destroy The Hairdresser can help any hairdresser or salon owner truly get to the next level. 

What if I start private coaching and I realize it's not for me?

This doesn't happen often, but we understand that private coaching is not for everyone. We have created a very simple and straight-forward cancellation policy that protects both the individual and the coach. You can read more about it here.

What if I am a salon owner and I want my staff to sign up for private coaching.

We have dealt with this request many times. Through our experience, private coaching only works when the individual desires it for themselves. Pushing people into coaching has never been as effective as when they sign up on their own. 

That being said, many salons start sharing the free blog and podcast with their staff. This allows the staff to become familiar with Destroy The Hairdresser on a more personal level. Sometimes this influences team members to reach out for coaching. 

Consider offering Destroy The Hairdresser's private coaching as an incentive. Reward those that are doing well by offering them a private coach. Assist those that are suffering by offering them a private coach.

Consider our group coaching as another option for your team. We offer a strong 1 day program for salons looking to boost their moral, productivity, and paychecks. Check it out here.

How can you create your own team of Destroyers?

Is it INAPPROPRIATE to ask my boss to pay for my private coaching?

Private coaching is considered continuing education. It is never inappropriate to ask your boss to assist in paying for continuing education. Everyone views coaching differently; some employers may pay for all of it while others may pay for half. Present them with all of the information from our website and have an open conversation about why it's important to you. 

Remember that what builds you up, builds them up.

How do Destroy the Hairdresser online classes work?

All of our online classes are usually live webinars. When we go live, the class is free of charge. Each class gets recorded and is then available  purchase. Once you purchase a class,  you will receive an email with a link. You must download the file from this link within 24 hours to your computer or device in order to keep it. If you are a salon owner, consider a Destroy The Hairdresser library. Share the classes with your team; make it a part of your education program. We are here to provide beauty professionals with as much knowledge as possible. 

Do you offer payment plans for private and group coaching?

For those interested in private coaching, we offer two simple and affordable options.

$299/mo or save $299 and pay $1494 for a six month program.

Your podcast is through itunes, but I have an adroid. how do i listen?

By clicking here.

How do i become a coach for Destroy The Hairdresser?

We are currently training and certifying our first round of new coaches. We will release more information regarding training coaches as it comes up. We are glad you asked!

Are you looking for more bloggers?

We always accept blog submissions and more than likely share all of them on our website. If you have a unique blog post you want to share, please email our lead blogger