Up Your Pricing Right Now

You know you have been thinking about it. You also know you are worth it. Make sure you are charging what you are worth. If you are in our DTH Elite program you are probably worth more than the average hairdresser. 

So let's raise your prices right now. We have broken down some practical steps to take in order to make this a successful self-promotion!





  1. Use Google! Do a bit of research to figure out what the average hairdresser makes in your state or county. You should be able to find this information publicly on google with a bit of digging. 

  2. Compare! Compare the average to the prices you are charging. If you are charging more than the average then you are on the right track, you should skip to step 4! If you are charging less than the average then you need to figure out the difference and set a goal for yourself to get there. Setting a goal will get you there quicker.

  3. Give yourself a raise! We suggest giving yourself $5 to $15 raises every 6 months to help ease the pain of payment for your clients. This should only last until you hit the goal you created in step 2. You may lose some people along the way but your higher pricing should cover the loss. You also now have room for a clientele ready to pay you what you are really worth.

  4. Above and beyond! Once you have hit your pricing goal you can now shoot for the stars. Continue to raise your prices as suggested in step 3 but use your judgement. How much are you clients willing to pay and how much are you willing to market yourself to a wealthier clientele? Use these steps whenever you need them, whenever you need a raise, or feel stagnant with your income. 

We know its easier said than done. Thats why co-founder Caeleb Bosscher taught a class on Removing Poverty Consciousness. If you haven't listened to it yet make sure you check it out here!