A Social Credit Score

Lets Start With Instagram

In this day and age social media is your new credit score. Salons and Stylist thrive in the world of showing your work and how many followers you have. Not only is a strong Instagram your ticket to success but it lets your viewers into your world and creates a strong connection. So how do we clean it up? So glad you asked! 

Explore. Create. Engage


  1. Research how you want your page to look.
  2. Start creating your ideal content 
  3. Engage with your followers


So how do we do this?

How can I be Inst-famous?! 

Don't worry babes, We got you.

Start with researching your favorite artist. Find a a theme in the feed. Do you love the feel of black and white photos then make that your theme! Do you love reading strong inspirational quotes? Then create your own to add them into the mix. Not only is this your online portfolio but it is a inside look into you as an artist. Trust us. People want to know who you are. 

Create Content. You aren't always going to have your ideal guest come into your chair. So create the work you want to attract. If Ombre or dimensional color is all you ever want to do, then bring in models just for social media content and eventually people will come to you for your speciality. 

A huge part of social media success is engaging with your community. Responding to your followers is the best way to create conversation. You want to be personable and you want these followers to share your page with friends.

Want to take it a step further?  

Create a social media schedule. Using sites like Iconosuare.com will help you determine your ideal posting times.