Not Your Mama's Mantra!

Mantra Your Face Off

OK Here us out. We aren't those crazy hippie people but we do believe in speaking things into existence. Sometimes when we are stuck we need to redirect our mindset. So how the hell do you create a mantra? So glad you asked! 


Decide. Describe. Create.


  1. Decide how you want to feel
  2. Describe that feeling using four words
  3. Create a sentence that uses all four words


Sounds easy doesn't it? There is a little more to it. 

How the f*ck do you create the mantra?! 

Don't worry babes, We got you.

To create your mantra create a list of things you want or how you want to feel. For example. 
" I am wealthy, I am Healthy, I am Happy, I am strong."

Make it whatever you want. Thats the beauty of it, its yours!
After you have figured out your mantra, use it to remind yourself of how you want to feel and how to get there. 

Having a bad day? Remind yourself you are happy. Feeling week and out of shape?  Remind yourself you are healthy. If you have two dollars to your name, Remind yourself you are wealthy. This requires a complete trust in yourself and the universe. Its not what you are losing, its what you are gaining.

Say thank you in advance.  

Say thanks in advanced for the wealth you have received. Its showing appreciation for it before it happens. Say thank you for the wonderful day you will have as soon as you wake up. See where we are going with this?

Create. Speak. Believe. Appreciate.