Make $500 A Day

We all want to make more money but only some of us will!

So how do you ensure that you are one of those people? 
Lets combine some spiritual advice with a practical tool.

  1. Set an intention
  2. Create a plan
  3. Truly care

Sounds easy doesn't it? There is a little more to it. How the f*ck do you create the plan?! 

Don't worry babes, we got you.

To create your plan set a goal for $500 a day. Feels lofty? It should. Not lofty enough? Go for $1000! Sky's the limit.

After you have figured out your goal, break that goal down per client you have booked. Figure out what add-on services will help you get to each clients goal. 

Don't have any client's booked? This requires a different plan. Meet with one of our coaches today to help you get out of the client desert!

Now comes the tricky part. Ready? 

You must truly believe that these add-ons or up-sell services are beneficial to your client. Just pushing services will get you nowhere, but when you come from a place of true care you will not only make your $500 a day but much much more. 

Intention. Plan. Care.