Get Your Clients To Start Handing You Money!

Wouldn't it be nice if clients stopped:

  • Asking for discounts?
  • Complaining about your pricing?
  • Wanting services they can't afford?

Wouldn't it be nice if clients started:

  • Paying you what you are worth?
  • Paying you more than what you are worth?
  • Trusting you regarding their cut and color?

They can and they will once you start using the

Destroy The Hairdresser's
 Guaranteed Money Formula!


Step 1: Determine what services the client needs to achieve their desired look.
Step 2: Find the true total amount required and keep it to yourself.
Step 3: Ask the client what his/her Beauty Budget is for today.
Step 4: Once your client clarifies that number present your clients with two options.

Option 1: Stick within their budget and give them a less desired, but more budget friendly, look.

Option 2: Invest more into todays appointment and get the total desired look!

By using this formula you will be surprised at how often the client will choose option 2 because they have built trust in you. You have made them feel comfortable with your pricing transparency. They will no longer complain about pricing, ask for a discount and most likely will be so happy with the experience that your tip just went up! 

Let us know how it goes!