How do you want to feel?: Valiant and Proud

Your Top 10: 1. Private Label line. 2. Vidal Class in London 3. Editorial Hair 4. Multiple Locations 5. C+T Academy 6. 2 more stylists 7. Work one less day a week 8. Oribe Educator 9. Get better at business 10. Delegate more


1. Set intention in the meeting with the "how do you want to feel tracker." explain to them your process and your experience with it. 

2. Park it questions: pass out sticky notes. do not let your team interrupt your sessions. Break down your meeting into sessions so at the end of each one you can offer the floor to them. 

2. Create a incentive for the Sassoon Class ( possibly before the meeting so it can be announced )

4. Make a list of what you want to delegate and then we can work together to make that happen. 

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