The Opponent

Fear: Fear of not being as great as I want to be or trying to figure the path to get there can be daunting. Not having my employees feel about their career what I do, and me being the cause of it creates fear. Fear that I don't have all the answers both technically and from a business sense. 
I'm fearful that I'm not always the husband I want to be all the time. Fearful that I won't have the money I want in retirement for my family and I. 
I have fear that I will be like my father in way more ways than I like. I don't get along with him, nor do I want to.

Doubt: Doubt is always looming I guess. Making sure I make the right decisions when hiring, changing anything business wise, wether it be changing a retail line, color line, etc. I doubt my pay structure all the time all the while knowing deep down It's right. and feels right. 
For me, doubt doesn't play as big of a role. The biggest thing is my pay structure.

Guilt: The biggest area of guilt is my family. This ties in to all things. I worry that because I am a work horse, that I could be working too much and be away from my son and wife. I don't want my son growing up without me around however, I know what it takes to be successful and it's not working 40 hrs a week and wanting the things I want professionally for Craft+Theory. I always feel guilt with this. I feel guilt in the salon as well when it comes to spreading my time around with everyone. I may speak and converse with certain people more often than others. 
I feel guilt all the time that I don't speak to my family more on the phone. My mom, uncle, and grandmother come to mind first.

How do you want to feel?

What are the names of the opponent?: Fear, Doubt, and guilt.

What areas of your life is the opponent most present?: Most, if not all.

How do you NOT want to feel?: frustrated, embarrassed , incomplete, let-down, unfulfilled

How do you want to feel?: Valiant



1. Call you mom, Call your uncle

2. Sit down and figure out whats working and whats not with your pay structure. How can you communicate this to your staff in a non emotional way? 

3. How can speed up the training process with the front desk? 

Your Opponent ....Visually



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