REAL SUPPORT FOR real beauty professionals



Do you feel blocked or stuck with yourself or your team?

Do you feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled with your career?

Do you feel that you would thrive with the right support system?

Do you feel that you have a lot of drive but lack direction?

Do you feel its time to get serious about your business?

Our goal

Our goal, at Destroy The Hairdresser, is to create and foster consciously business driven artists. We have spent the last four years developing a coaching structure that we call Conscious Collaborative Support. Most business coaching techniques provide one size fits all tools to their clients. We have found that one size does not fit all and that our CCS structure offers something a bit more for the creative professional.


Our coaching technique


conscious Collaborative Support, CCs

Conscious Collaborate Support means that we are talking with you, not at you. We will be actively participating in your business whether its behind the chair or running a salon. We become part of the business culture and team in order to support and influence growth. By building a more intimate relationship we are able to deal with problems at the seed level. Together, you and your coach, will build a relationship that has potential of being one of the longest, most motivational, and most lucrative relationships in your life. 

Our coaching system is not for professionals looking for a quick fix. Our CCS coaching structure is geared more toward professionals looking for coaches that will push them to achieve what they want out of their career not just what they need.  Destroy The Hairdresser coaches are direct but operate out of compassion. There is one thing we have learned over the years, coaching is not for everyone. 

Are you ready to truly transform?

Destroy The Hairdresser believes in the power of inertia, that objects in motion wish to stay in motion. Our coaches are trained to help you build momentum and get you working outside of your comfort zone immediately. This is the only place where true achievement and fulfillment can be found. Our coaching is a 50% destruction and 50% construction. Our coaches focus on removing your old way of thinking, and former habits, in order to install a new set of conscious tools. These tools will not only change the way you work but the way you live. Coaching is not for everyone and only works  100% when the student is ready to do the work. So let us ask you...

...are you ready to truly transform?


How it works


Your very own coach

Start building a relationship with your coach on day one. Your coach is someone who will be supporting, pushing, and developing you and your goals for the next 6 months. 

One-on-one bi-weekly 30 minute sessions via phone/skype

This is the secret to our success. We have found that for an individual to grow and reach their maximum potential, in their 100 years, they must be coached privately and personally. Group coaching fails the individual. One-on-One coaching truly supports the individual properly. 

DTh/CCS 6 month curriculums

Our curriculum is broken down into six month curriculums with avenues for further transformation. Review our curriculum here!

Universal student dashboard

Log in for all of your online assignments, recorded pod-classes, and more!

Unlimited text & email communication

We live in the millennial world. Texting and email are our number on way of communication and we respect that. You will have instant and constant contact with your coach via text and email. 

Access to our private community

Gain access to our exclusive networking group via Facebook, be part of our monthly conference classes, and meet like minded professionals in the middle of their transformative processes.

Certificate Of Completion

Once you have finished our coaching program you will be not only more employable but have earned a certificate that you can put on your resume/portfolio/website. Let the world know you're a consciously business driven artist.


Lets get started!


six payments of $299/mo


One payment of $1694 (save $100)