Sleeping More = More Money

We really don't get enough sleep.  When we are tired, we are distracted.  When we are distracted, we are not meeting the needs of our guests.  When we don't meet their needs, opportunities are missed.

 Me listening to a guest.

Me listening to a guest.


Yesterday I was brushing my teeth and couldn't grasp the concept that in one hour I was going to be working with a guest.  This morning as I walked the kiddo to school I fantasized about snuggling back under freshly laundered linens. (Did it come true?  Hint: I'm at work.) 

It's time we acknowledged a couple of things.  We have a career that is very hard on our bodies.  It's adrenaline-pumping, art-creating, collaborative and kicks us in our neck, shoulders, back, hips, wrists, and brains.  It can be so energizing and draining at the same time that often it takes an hour or two of decompression in silence or watching Rick and Morty before we are ready to sleep.  A lot of hairdressers work in the evenings so already a typical day plus decompression takes us to 11 p.m.  When social events are involved, bedtime is pushed back to 1 or 2 a.m.  

 Who am I kidding?  More like 3 or 4 a.m.

Who am I kidding?  More like 3 or 4 a.m.


In our 20s, we can sustain more energy on less sleep.  Here's the kicker boys and girls: the older we get, the more recovery we need.  We might not need more sleep than we did at 22, but at age xx (I ain't telling) I definitely can't drink coffee after 6 p.m. or drink anything after 10 p.m. or else I WILL wake up in the night and have to use the facilities.  That interrupts my sleep and I get super cranky.  Some people can function on 6 hours of sleep but the majority of us need between 8 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  If we go to bed at midnight. that means we should be waking up right about 8 or 9 a.m.  Dissect that though. Does work start at 9?  Is waking up last minute and throwing an outfit and hairstyle together the look/message you want to send to your clients?



Snooze buttons interrupt sleep patterns and leave us feeling more exhausted. Irritability, moodiness, and an inability to multi-task are symptoms of sleep deprivation.  On five hours sleep can you keep that away from both your clients but also your co-workers?

We are artists and as such already trend toward anxiety and depression disorders.  Lack of sleep really ups the symptoms for those hairdressers who experience these issues.



Use your Do Not Disturb setting. and let yourself disconnect.  Commit to spending one week not drinking, going to bed by 10, and waking up earlier to start a really kickass day.  Imagine how different your day will go if you walk into the salon alert, looking amazing, and able to focus on creating for your guests.