A Healthier Wealth

Most of us believe that hiring a financial advisor will help us control our spending and increase our wealth, and we wouldn’t be wrong. However most of us have messed up beliefs around money. The way we spend, the way we save, and the way we invest is usually wrapped up in layers fear, insecurity, and doubt... just to name a few. Some of us even make the mistake of assuming that simply hiring someone else to take care of it for us will make it all better. A great bandaid. 

The rest of this article is written for those ready to truly take charge of their career and their finances. This article is dedicated to those ready to grow a healthier wealth. 

Destroy The Hairdresser has helped coach over 100's of people in this last year alone into healthier wealth lifestyles. This is incredible considering we are not financial coaches or advisors! How is it possible? 

Our team of career coaches are trained to help stylists and salon owners uproot their old money habits and transform them into new belief systems. Our programs go to the seed level of an individual and promote change where change needs to be promoted. To change the flower you must manipulate the seed. 

By helping creative professionals break through their damaging belief systems about money, we change the cause of the their unhealthy wealth and in effect create a healthier wealth consciousness. 

What is healthy wealth?

Whether we have $1 or $10,000 in savings we can still achieve a healthier wealth. Not only do we help people achieve more money in their lives but we also help them find the fulfillment within it. To be a millionaire means nothing when you can’t experience the fulfillment within it. 

Imagine we are all small vessels, and our fulfillment is determined by the size of our vessel. Can we hold a small amount or large amount of fulfillment? Some of us are happy being a small, but full, vessel. But if we want more money and more fulfillment we need to grow our vessel! The bigger the vessel the more fulfillment we can hold and experience.

DTH coaching is the program that helps you become a bigger vessel, in order to experience and manifest more money and fulfillment. For those of you ready to grow your vessel you can get started with these three easy action steps:

1. Discover your comfort zone. Yes we must live outside of our comfort zone as much as possible but how can we do that when we haven't explored our boundaries. Take a look at where you are unwilling to change. Ask a friend or colleague to help point out your comfort zone. Be gentle in this process.

2. Our vessel grows when we are uncomfortable and the quickest way to be uncomfortable is to take healthy risks! Take a risk on a daily basis. Write it down, execute it, and share your experience with others.

3. Get a coach. If you haven't started building a personal relationship with a coach you should do that as quickly as possible. We can push ourselves only so far before we will stop and retreat. A coach will help you keep momentum when growing you vessel. Want to start with DTH click here! There are many other coaches out there in the world. Just make sure you start, take the risk, and dive in. 

2018 is all about Healthy Wealth, and we hope that our team can help you get there.

- David Bosscher