And Now For Something Different

When is a hairstyle not a hairstyle?

Up can be down, left can be right.  Cats and dogs, living together...we say NEVER!  

Style is style whether it comes in the form of a Sassoon coif or one of Shaun McGrath's meat wigs.  We found an (older)(upcoming) trend that brings a whole new meaning to the term 'weave' and takes style into the hybrid world of hair + 1: Hair Tapestry.

Sometimes image searching on the net can be dangerous; today it brought us to the doorstep of Tiffany Decaux, the amazing hairstylist who contributed to the world of Hair Tapestry big time.  

 If Charlie Price did this technique, could we call it Stitch 'n' Bitch?

If Charlie Price did this technique, could we call it Stitch 'n' Bitch?

Ruthe Roche has said that hair is like fabric.  Just like fashion designer work in different textures like silk and wool, hairdressers come across a wide range of hair types that run the gamut of color and wave pattern (or lackthereof).  Each texture, type, and density have different needs and respond differently to haircutting or coloring techniques.  Hairdressers live this concept every day.  If hair is like fabric and fabric can be manipulated like hair, a tip of the hat goes to innovative hairdressers like Tiffany who combine the two elements.  The fashion techniques of embroidery, crocheting and knitting are being translated by hairdressers.

Another Master who combines fabric and hair is Tippi Shorter, Global Director of Texture for Aveda.  Her use of yarn and other wool fibers in the Master Jam series was genius.  Instead of hair extensions, a model's look was created with a latch hook and alternative yarns.  The end result is so similar to hair that it reinforces the hair is fabric | fabric is hair trend of Hair Tapestry.

How will you combine fabric and hair?