Are You Trying Too Hard?

Over the summer I was able to spend some time with my yogi friend at her home in North Carolina. It's always a pleasure to visit her and spend a few days stretching and lengthening myself. New York City has a way of sitting heavily on your shoulders. While I was there were talking about meditation, something I struggle with, and she brought up a very interesting lesson. She said that when we are meditating there are times when we use the sound 'om' to help keep us centered and connected. The unique thing about the 'om' sound is that each person pronounces it differently, lengthens it differently, and at different volumes. These slight differences make it a personal practice. However, Americans tend to struggle with this idea. When using the 'om' sound Americans prefer to say it perfectly by mimicking the instructor as much as possible, as loud as possible, and as long as possible. This usually creates a tension in the individual by exhausting their breathe and causing them to focus on everyone around them and not on themselves. Essentially, our attempt of trying turns into the breakdown of trying too hard leaving us frazzled, disconnected, and stressed. 

This concept is very much true for business owners and hairdressers. When we watch others around us doing things in their own unique way we should not attempt to mimic them as perfectly as possible, as long as possible, and as loudly as possible. We do not need to try so hard when it come to business and skill. Learn from others experiences, gain inspiration from those you look up to, and use it all as fuel to get to your next level. Pave your own path in business, 'om' on your own.