Why I Threw Away My Business Plan

I threw away my business plan, got a coach, opened my salon in six months, and made a profit in the first 30 days.

Let’s flashback to a few weeks prior to my initial phone call.  When I began coaching with Destroy The Hairdresser, I had a goal to open a salon. I was researching feverishly into the night.  I had spreadsheets, lists, and ideas.  I was formulating a plan and doing my best to get it all on paper.  I had given myself a goal, but what was I researching?  How to Write a Business Plan. 

I reached a point in my research where I didn’t know anyone else to ask.  I realized I didn’t have a mentor.  Other hairdressers and colleagues were asking me advice and I had no one to ask except the internet.  The internet is not a great mentor.  Yet, I was determined to write this business plan because that’s “the process”.  Even after I signed up with Destroy the Hairdresser, I was still researching and working on this imaginary plan.  I expected that I would get a template from my coach, David, at some point because I was in the leadership program.  Wrong!


With DTH I was doing all of the other internal work. I was transforming my thinking and destroying my old patterns and fears.  Yet I was toiling away on this document.  Of course, it is a necessary step for some, if you need to secure a loan.  I had already secured my funding and was still working on my laptop into the night trying to create Excel sheets.  Imagine it... me, a hairdresser with an art degree making spreadsheets, pretending to know what I’m doing! 

Why does any of this matter? I realized I didn’t trust myself or ask for help. Trust yourself and ask for help.  I didn’t trust myself for a long time.  I trusted parts, but not the whole.  I learned that I am much better suited to create the vision and empower people than I am toiling over spreadsheets and a plan.  There are a lot of people that love spreadsheets and budgets but not me.  I now ask for help and delegate those duties.  Plus the plan is a projection.  It’s an imaginary *cross your fingers* plan of what might happen. 

I threw away my business plan because I learned how to trust myself and my strengths, and to also trust the strengths of others.

Throw away your business plan, get a coach, get where you want to be in six months, and make a profit in the first 30 days.

 Kate Kent
Junior Coach