Thanksgiving: Permission Granted

Hey you! I give you permission to enjoy the day!

You… its hard to not feel guilty about being worried about money when there are other people who have it worse… I give you permission to deny the guilt and worry.

You… you loved Thanksgiving as a child, until you learned the real history.  Put that aside,  you didn’t do anything.  Don’t apologize, you are allowed to enjoy this warm family occasion without guilt.

You… the one staring at your plate, mentally counting calories.  You might have a lean body you may be labelled as obese.  Both of you are allowed to feel your feelings. I give you both permission to be released from worry and anxiety. Enjoy your food and savor it.

You… the one worried about providing for the holidays. I give you permission to stop worrying.  All anyone needs really is you presence. Your kids want you and your family wants you.  Be present and all will be well.

You… the one that gets irritated hearing the religious and atheistic arguments that are about to take place. I give you permission to let the irritation go. You don’t deserve it, and they don’t deserve your energy.

What do you worry about? What darkens your thoughts when it shouldn’t? I give you broad permission to let it go.  

Kate Wright
Lead Blogger