Wisdom From A Hairdresser With Cancer

There is no better time than now.  

Hello!  This is Kate the blogger, back from an almost yearlong sabbatical.

It has been a year of many experiences I never thought I would have, experiences that required the practice of mindful breathing, meditation, and keeping my mind in a positive place no matter what was going on. It’s not much, but here is a bit of wisdom.

Don’t wait. There is no time to wait.  There’s no more waiting until student loans are paid off before you start a business, or waiting until the perfect living situation arises before you move, or even waiting for your video gamer husband to finally notice the window in the bathroom needs fixing.

I want that window fixed?  I have to just do it.

You want to work with celebrities in New York?  Move.  Now.  Get rid of your stuff and do everything you need to do to live in the Big Apple and work 24/7 to make contacts and book jobs. 

You want to work less? Cut back your hours NOW!  Money will come.  The last year has been interesting financially. I have worried about it less than I have at previous points of my life.  Something amazing happened: when I let go of my fear, both emotional and financial support came to me. 


KNOW YOURSELF.  What do you want?  What do you like?  Not what influencers tell you to like. Not what your family says you should do. I spent 17 years in the salon industry and I am only now realizing that I shouldn’t choose my career path based on trying to work with this person or relaying the message of a company enough that they might promote me. Promote YOURSELF. Work for your personal mission. You’ll never ‘be something’ while spewing forth someone else’s message.  Imagine what you could do if, instead of trying to recreate someone else’s work, you developed your own look?  Is that what you want?  Or you might genuinely enjoy being behind the scenes or working on someone’s team. Spend time thinking about it because if you don’t have a clear picture, you’re going to float down the stream of life instead of paddling to where you want to be.

Be okay with yourself. Maybe you do want to float down the river instead of paddling hard to reach a specific destination.  It can be very calming to stop fighting and let go.  I give you permission to be okay with NOT being that Instagram star or not wanting to own a salon.

The Big Reveal is that about a year ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Liver cancer.  The rare kind.  Its total bullshit; I don’t even drink.  But it really took a toll on me physically, financially, and mostly mentally.  Contemplating the meaning of life, trying to grasp the actuality of my own death, and re-evaluating where my life is has been brutal.  Cyd and David have been amazing and given me both the support and space that I needed.  And it has been awesome to see Destroy the Hairdresser grow and flourish.

At first I was waiting…waiting to book a photo shoot, waiting to take a class, waiting to travel out of town until my treatment was done.  The reality is that there is no time to wait.  I can do all those things AND live with cancer. (ideally eventually be healthy and cancer-free).  I can even be dying of cancer, but I can’t wait around doing nothing but Netflix and chilling my way through radiation and chemo. There is no better time than now.

Kate Wright
Lead Blogger