There's the super trendy hashtag that can literally attach to anything, like a frog relaxing on a Lilly pad. Well...now we're using that hashtag for hair color. Yes, hair color. Pravana is encouraging the enchanted to embrace their inner Tonks with their innovative take on hair color that launched the first of September.

Mood Color 1.jpg


Mood Color doesn't mean if you're happy and you know it your hair will turn blue, or if you're angry or nervous your hair will turn green. Pravana Vivids Mood Color is heat activated hair color that is applied normally *by professionals only* which will turn a different shade when heat is applied. Heat could be anything from what naturally comes off of your body, the sun, an iron, or a blow dryer! Even the avid hair twirler can have fun with the mood color because naturally we have heat in our hands, so you'll be able to see the transition rather quickly. 



What witchcraft is this?!  Well, the dye is made of heat-reactive pigmented molecules held together by a solvent. When cool, the solvent keeps the dye in a solid state. When exposed to heat, the solvent softens and reveals another color." 


Pravana is launching 4 changing cocktail colors; Green to Yellow, Violet to Pink, Grey to Invisible and Tropical Peach to Invisible. They can be applied to natural hair but best results are achieved after prelightening. Step aside mermaids and unicorns, magical wizards are going to be the hottest thing since sliced bread. Colorists, bring out your clients' fun side and suggest some mood peek-a-boo highlights for a fun fall change.

Pravana Vivid Mood Color is available in limited quantities at SalonCentric, RDA ProMart, East Coast Salon Services, and Four Star Beauty.  Now we can all be that frog on the Lilly pad, Stay Weird my friends.