Space Bunz & Eclipse Safety

Whether you are lucky enough to live in the path of ecliptic totality or not, now is a great time to rock a pair of space buns.  The 90's are back, the moon is blocking out the sun, and we are ready for some space age goodness.

Where did they come from?  Their origin is claimed from the OP (original princess) herself, Leia.

 Forever our Princess you will be.

Forever our Princess you will be.


Released in 1977, Star Wars was a cultural phenomenon that still reverberates throughout the galaxy today.  Princess Leia took down a fascist regime that destroyed her planet.  Needless to say, she is one of our heroes.  

Modified versions started popping up in the mid-90's when celebrities like Brandy, Gwen Stefani, Scary Spice, and Björk sported them on the top of their heads instead of the sides.  


They have seen a resurgence as 90's fashion has taken center stage once again, and the messy ballerina bun or top knot has split into a new century's version of space buns.  


They can be worn with a disconnected cut, they can be groomed or lived-in, curly hair or straight, but whatever you choose, make sure that it's paired today with a NASA approved set of eclipse glasses.  

 These are badass but they are not NASA approved.

These are badass but they are not NASA approved.


Looking at the eclipse with the naked eye is more damaging than staring at the sun on a regular day.  It is possible to burn a permanent dark spot in your vision without using proper eye wear to view the phenomenon.

Hold onto your (space) buns, because the eclipse is almost here!