Ballsy Blonde Buzzed Bombshells



Blondes & Buzz cuts seem to be popping up faster then stove top popcorn.  K-Stew, to Cara Delevigne, Katy Perry & now Kate Hudson! These daring babes are setting a MAJOR trend. Whether it be trying to go blonde for the first time or rocking a pixie they're making it look too fierce for words!  

We've entered a  period where women are more empowered than ever! These women are killing it and inspiring so many. It's such a ballsy move going platinum, let alone cutting it all off!  Being hairdressers, we are chameleons ourselves and adore people who change their look. You know that saying "Liquid courage"? Well I'm just one hair appointment and a few snips away from a new 'do.. 

On a more serious note, seeing these big time celebs embracing their natural beauty really makes us feel like wecan do the same. And we can!  Consult a stylist before taking the plunge.  Include a chat with a make-up artist too as we won't have hair to hide behind and it's time to rock that lip or eye look we've always wanted.



Tatiana Ramos, Trend Reporter