Every Day Is Earth Day


As we celebrate the Earth this weekend, we can also infuse the care for the wear and tear on our planet.  We accept the fact that 'Every Day is Earth Day' because we use it's resources day in and day out.  As members of the beauty industry it is a fact that we can lessen our carbon footprint on society by choosing the habits we form, the philanthropic organizations we support, and the products we use wisely. 

Fact: For decades, hairsprays were an unknown contributor to depleting the ozone layer due to the use of chlorofluorocarbons in aerosol packaging. 

Solution: Use a pump spray hairspray.  Choose companies that manufacture and package in the United States, as countries like China, India, and South Korea still utilize CFCs in their production of aerosol related products.  Research your hairsprays and see what the company is doing to stay Green.


Fact: Water is kind of a big essential for our services.  We use a lot.

Solution: Pair with a Water Project to help provide clean drinking water and support water conservation worldwide.  Below are some helpful links. The Global Greengrants Fund has many areas that can use your help.

U.S. National Water Alliances

Global Greengrants Fund

Sierra Club

Fact: Shampoo doesn't disappear when it washes down the drain.  Nothing does.  Many states around the Great Lakes region have banned the use of microbeads in beauty products due to the fact that the beads are winding up polluting the Great Lakes.  Companies that use harsher, potentially toxic ingredients; they wind up in the groundwater.  Then the clouds.  Then rain. 

Solution: Seek out the companies that have a commitment to sustainability in their ingredients.  Pureology reduced their eco-toxicity not just in their ingredients but also in their manufacturing and packaging.  Reverie products by Garrett Markenson are handcrafted with sustainably sourced ingredients as well as eco-friendly packaging with a thoroughly thoughtful design.


Fact: 35% of total waste is recycled in the United States.  Each human creates about 4.5 lbs. of trash a day.  95% more energy is saved by recycling an aluminum can than creating a new one.  Aluminum foil takes about 400 years to break down.

Solution: Recycle everything you can in your salon.  Reduce the use of materials that sit in landfills.  Use Green cleaning products and biodegradable trash bags.  These Eco-friendly highlighting wraps that biodegrade naturally can replace aluminum foils.  The company Refoil in Australia has come up with a sustainable foiling program. 



Why we care: Until we can figure out cryogenic space travel or warp speed, this planet is our only home.  While I love disaster and dystopian films, I don't necessarily want to live in the world of Mad Max, Tank Girl, Avatar, Interstellar, 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Waterworld, Wall-E, Logan's Run, or Erin Brokovitch.  Oh wait, that last one actually happened.  Resources are finite even if it doesn't seem like it.  We live in a world of climate change denial and the paring down of environmental protections.  Beauty is as beauty does, and we must be doing our part.