Falling Into Fall



It’s just about that time of the year again, here on the east coast. The leaves are changing, the hoodies are coming out and pumpkin spice lattes are relevant again. As the autumnal equinox occurs, we decide we’re in need for a celestial (physical) change and what better of a change then HAIR COLOR?


Stylists should be paying attention to things other than some random Insta celebs hair for inspiration. We get it.  Beachy Waves And Balayage.  But this is a new season.  Almost everywhere I’m noticing the trend of gemstones and crystals being used in hair hues, jewelry, and prints on clothing! Being an avid crystal collector myself, I LOVE finding color inspiration looking through my crystal garden. 


Introduce your pale blondes to a more golden, softer dazzling Citrine root while keeping them light and bright in areas that compliment her face shape. 



For a client who wants to awaken a new personal power, TIGERS EYE. Such a beautiful chocolate-y, caramel combo that’s sure to keep your client feeling fabulous at any fall outing!  Brunettes can have fun too.



Try a Black Onyx root melting into Ruby for your fiery red-heads


There are hundreds of dazzling crystals to get inspiration from: a few of my favorites include Smoky Amethyst, Jasper, Garnet and Amber. The transition can be so easy and rewarding. Wow yourself with how creative you can be and experience a new world of hair color!