DTH's Top Hashtags For 2017

We all use them, we all <3 them, and we all hate them.

Face it: hashtags are wonderfully overwhelming. Most of us in the beauty industry are using Instagram, more than any other social media outlet, to beef up our online presence. Why?

Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Taking a decent photo of beautiful hair and posting it online is not enough. To build a following on Instagram, proper hashtaging is of the upmost importance. Hashtagging categorizes your photos that fellow Instagram workers can see when they hashtag surf.  Some hashtags are for personal use and some are followed daily by millions.

It might feel sleazy and manipulative but the truth is that there is an art and an algorithm for success with hashtags.  Instagram photos with eleven or more hashtags get the most interaction.  Users are more active at different times of the day and even on different days, so posting during the busy traffic times will help get more attention.  Keeping the initial tags in the picture description to a maximum of five keeps the post clean when you cross it to other social media (i.e. posting to Facebook and twitter simultaneously from Instagram)  Post the additional hashtags in a comment.  Don't worry, your picture will still be surf-able.

Throughout the last few years Destroy The Hairdresser has been experimenting with industry hashtags to see which ones get us the most attention.  Feel free to copy and paste the following hashtags into your Instagram posts to get more followers and likes. Make sure you save the hashtags in your notes or somewhere on your phone so you can easily access them when you need them!

#destroythehairdresser #modernsalon #hairbrained #saloneducation #behindthechair #hair #salonlife #beauty #hairstyle #haircolorists #haircolor #hairtutorials #hairtrends #trendyhair #beautifulhair #hairpainting #saloneducation #bayalage #hairdresser #style #hairporn #balayage #haircolor #haireducation #hairoftheday

Hopefully this helps cut your Instagram posting time in half! Have other great hashtags we should know about? Leave them in the comments below.


3 ways to make it more Personalized

1. Tag your brand.

Which ever company you are working for or what ever products you use. Tag them.

2. Don't forget about the days of the week

People love a #Transformationtuesday or a #tbt so have fun with it. You can also make up your own like #sassybitchsunday or #SBS (I use that for brunch time) 

3. Where the hell are you?

Hashtag your location. When clients are trying to find new stylist in their area they will search hashtags. 


Cant wait to see your favorite tags!