Dinosaurs Vs. Youth Mode

A major goal in this industry is to never reach that point where others consider you a dinosaur.

This can apply to learning how to do cap highlights in 1987 and never learning new techniques.  This can also apply to failing to acknowledge and understand the basic concepts of technological platforms hairdressers use to connect globally.  (social media, potato-heads)


The kids at K-Hole who brought us Normcore speak of 'Youth Mode.'  It is not about pretending like I'm 21 again, it is about staying present-minded no matter what age you are.  Be critical of the past and experimental right now.  Adapt.  Do not be close-minded.

Youth is not a process, aging is.

I'm obviously in danger of extinction because as I read their essay YOUTH MODE I had to look up the terms FOMO and DGAF (just kidding I asked a Millennial).  Yes, staying in youth mode includes forms of communication.  Although I will never ever ever EVER say 'perf' it is good to keep relevant with language.  For clients.

I can't keep using Jennifer Anniston as THE go-to example of blonde highlights.  Zooey Deschanel isn't the only one with a thick fringe.  I even had to find out who Bella Thorne was. (just kidding again, I only googled her.  Still don't know what she does but I know she exists and people like her hair.)  I have to be able to use age-relevant examples of looks for the wide range of clients I see.  I'm not going to show a picture of Zendaya to a 50-something, I would go for Sandra Bullock.  And vice versa.  Julia Roberts might not be the best redhead example for a freshman in college.  

Take classes and teach classes.  Ask every client, even if they've been with you for a decade, if they want to try something new and have an example of whats trending ready to go.  Respect them if the answer is no but never not ask.  Pick one new technique a week and practice.  Finding out the new apps kids use to communicate and give it a try.  

I know I am in youth mode: I do not yet want to escape the boundaries of my current life.  I am free to make mistakes, try new things, savor my experiences, seek new ones, all the while being super proud some idiot thought it was a good idea to give US a mortgage.  (pro-tip: you'll still be whining about #adulting in 15 years.  So get used to it.)