2017 does the 70's: Go Your Own Way

Spring 2017 trends are starting and they reflect the outspoken youth and unabashed reverie of their inspiration, the 1970s.  The decade that ran the gamut from disco to punk rock, that brought both the sticky-sweet pop of ABBA and the angst of CBGB's, gives us an open invitation to play with shape, texture, color, style, and push the envelope of 'how big is too big?' (Answer: Nothing.)



Yank the hot rollers and perm rods out from beneath your parent's bathroom sinks.  Dig through your grandparents basement in the hopes of finding one of these babies: 

 I have one.

I have one.

We all had to do roller sets in beauty school, now is the season to put those oft-bemoaned skills to use.  Shampoo it, set it, stick it under a dryer, brush it out for epic bounce.  Loose, beachy waves with flatirons and curl wands are not going to cut it this spring.  Show them you are well versed in multiple forms of styling.  Set a weekly play time on your schedule and practice these classic techniques for a modern take on the 70s.

  • Hot rollers
  • Foam rollers
  • Velcro rollers
  • Dryer set
  • Hard set

Practice on dry hair, practice on wet hair.  Wrap hair in large perm rods and let it dry under a hood dryer.  

 The only reason we need to perfect our perm set skills.

The only reason we need to perfect our perm set skills.


Double-booking and triple booking can mean there are people sitting under a dryer while you continue to work.  There was something to the days when a hair appointment meant multiple hours at a salon waiting for a set to dry.  It was a time to slow down, to catch up with the community, to socialize.  Now its almost mystifying when one guest engages with another.

Bring back the 70s glam.  Guests feel extra special with their Hollywood sets.  

Here's a few vintage instructions to help get you started.  Hairbabes: share your 70s interpreted styles on the Destroy the Hairdresser Elite forum or with #destroythehairdresser