A Lesson From Uber: No Tips

Before everyone loses their minds over the title of my post let's just take a deep breath. I wanted to write about a subject that challenges the everyday hairdresser experience - tipping. This is probably one of the most uncomfortable moments between a hairdresser and a client. Putting a front desk person in between the two is always helpful but tipping is never an easy thing to ask for or, on the clients end, give. 

Uber is a genius company that, quite frankly, I could not live without! When its too hot - I take Uber. When its too cold - I take Uber, so basically I am always using this service. Why do I continue to hire private cars? Uber has made my user experience so simple that how could I not? I never once have to get my card out to pay and I don't have to sit there and calculate a tip for the drive based on my experience. I simply get in and get out and for someone on the go like myself, this is priceless.

I am posing the following question to all of you hairdressers out there:. 

What would it look and feel like to get rid of the idea of tipping in your business?


Ok! Ok! hear me out! I have some ideas. In my humble opinion I would feel relieved and I know my clients would too! No one wants to tip and most everyone would rather pay a higher price than deal with tipping on the end. I have come up with some solutions to implement such an idea.

  1. Add 20% to all of your service prices in order to avoid a tipping hassle at the end.
  2. If you have a commissioned based salon you could set up to automatically calculated a 20% tip at check out so that it doesn't get split on pay day.
  3. Arrange different set tip amounts for different level stylists. 

These are just some ideas on how to implement a No Tipping environment. What do you all think? You ready to take a crazy step and do business differently?

Have something to day or more ideas? Great! Share them with all of us in the comment section below.